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Apart from plumbing, electrical, and cooling system work, our qualified team undertakes other services such as painting, flooring, tile installation, welding, etc. Other than construction, our service includes all other finishing of your residence or office.

Express Fix is the best fit-out company in Doha. Our contractors and technicians are always available to assist you. Book an appointment for any services in our company. Call us at 800-8889, and our emergency professionals will advise you about the operating and cleaning processes.

Painting is an art that enhances aesthetics. In a home or office, when interior and exterior painting work is smoothly finished, it makes a beautiful dwelling. Skills of decorative and aesthetic appeal are our professionals’ highlights. They have knowledge about interior design in choosing colors, materials, and lighting, and they give a pleasant feel when entering the house. Depending on style, home, or office, they focus on the design and structure of buildings.

Best painting company in Doha

Painting Service Include:

  • Plastering services in QATAR
  • Plasterboard installation service
  • Wallpaper Hanging
  • Qatar Laminate flooring
  • Handyman services
  • Tiling Service in Qatar

Painting is not only an art but also gives a peaceful or happy feeling when entering the field. A painting installation gives you a comfortable and refreshing feeling. Plantation or lighting candles feels like a happy mode, and interior design via painting gives the most pleasant welcome.

Minds and bodies enjoy the art of interior design in a creative environment. Interior designers in our team plan to design from small living spaces to larger areas. From residential to industrial levels, according to the field of purpose

Commercial painting services Doha

Our interior and exterior painters in Doha do a perfect match of work to your thoughts.

Interior design painting Doha

Exterior design is deciding the building whether it is a house or office, otherwise an apartment or business area. Hire our designers to decorate the building with marvelous paintings to create the look and feel of living in your residence and workplace. Our professionals decide where to position the windows, doors, etc.

Our interior and exterior painters in Doha do a perfect match of work to your thoughts.

Our company undertakes services in tiles, including tile flooring installation, floor tile repair, and tile grout repair. We have tile masons who install and provide services for all types of residential buildings, commercial complexes, industrial units, hospital flooring, etc. Our tile workers are flexible, and they have knowledge of materials and tools and the strength to handle them. Our team performs work based on their knowledge of methods in construction or repair work in residences and commercial buildings.

Efficient and convenient flooring service by our trained contractors in Qatar They are skilled with modern technologies and ideas for designs to give them life. When you call our technicians for flooring work at a scheduled time, they handle specialized flooring treatments. Our products in flooring assure quality, durability, and scratch resistance. Our experts laminate flooring and provide the perfect flooring solution, suitable flooring types, and accessories in a timely manner. Our technicians in flooring services provide ideas about which floor fits your room, kitchen, and others. We have advanced techniques, and modern types include carpet, wood floors, and vinyl floors. Based on the style, easy cleaning, and installation work of our technicians, we advise you on the best flooring selection.

Floor Fixing Qatar

Our tile fixing labor is well trained and ensures that every tile is perfectly aligned, as well as checking whether the tile fixed is safe and secure. We have experience in installation, whether it is for a kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Our workers bring precision to every job. Express Fix is an affordable tile fixing and installation service in Qatar.

Sliding Doors in Qatar

Sliding doors with a classic look make modern buildings more attractive. When you slide a door, sometimes it will be stuck or difficult to move. There are many causes, such as debris in the bottom door track, alignment issues, and broken or chipped rollerblades. These all need roller replacement or realignment. If the track is clogged, our technicians diagnose it and fix what it needs. We have good-quality door hardware; if there are any damages to handles, locks, rollers, or tracks, our technicians will immediately repair or replace them.

Our technicians have ideas for decorating your buildings. They suggest decorative glass with matching side window panes. Safety and protective measures for your home doors are necessary. We are responsible for giving you standards. It’s also important to fix the sliding doors according to modern interior design. That provides the lighting conditions and reduces electricity.

Sometimes in a tape, water running becomes slow or dirt comes through it. It’s because of unclean water tanks. Dirt and algae are seen naked in water tanks. That may contaminate the water that is used for drinking and cause health issues. So to manage it, we clean the water tank periodically with our technicians. Cleaning the water tank, which is over height, is not easy to do directly for anyone. Call our team; we have equipment to clean your tank and maintain it hygienically. Draining the tank, vacuuming inside the surface, and removing the settled dirt and algae using specialized tools are the processes involved. The cleaning process may vary depending on the type of water tank. It is important to ensure health and safety when using water. Because contaminated water causes so many health issues, with advanced technology, we make your water tank sterile and safe for use.

Water Tank cleaning in Qatar
Water Tank cleaning in Qatar

As a part of construction, a welding service is used for binding materials through the application of heat. We have professional welders who handle, care for, and work with tools and equipment such as metals. We have all types of welding services at your doorstep. If there are any issues, like cracks in the shutter, gate, or window grill, call our experts to fix the solutions. Our certified welder uses safety measures at job sites, including welding helmets, gloves, and safety glasses.

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